Capital Consultants is a partnership firm having its Head Office in Islamabad and Associate Offices in Lahore, Peshawer and Karachi.

Our team of experts includes Barristers at Law, Masters and Bachelors of Law, Chartered Accountants, Human Resource Specialists, Information Technology Professionals and Tax Advisers. Our clientele includes, Government and Non-governmental Organisations, Public and Private Sector Entities, Financial Institutions, Trade Bodies, Services and Manufacturing Industry and Multinational Corporations.

Relying on our multi-disciplinary and vastly experienced partners and associates we are able to render service of extremely high professional standards, upholding our core values and remaining committed to our ethical and moral obligations.

Establish lasting relationships with our clients exceeding their expectations and gaining their trust through exceptional performance.

• Guarantee client satisfaction while providing legal guidance and professional services.
• Remain committed to maintaining the highest Professional and ethical standards.
• Ensure client facilitation and education.
• Provide accurate and timely professional advice.
• Ensure the primacy of clients’ interest in developing appropriate responses to legal challenges.
• Promote legally compliant behavior

• Fairness
• Confidentiality
• Professional Integrity
• Quality of Service


We at Capital Consultants regard fairness as an essential element of our professional conduct and consider it as an important benchmark for evaluating the quality of our service.


Confidentiality is a cornerstone of our relationship with the clients. All the documents, accounts and statements are kept confidential at all times. In order to ensure confidentiality, we specifically insert a non-disclosure clause in the agreements with our clients so as to obviate any possible breach of confidentiality.

professional integrity

We at Capital Consultants consider professional integrity to be of paramount importance in the way we conduct our core activities & have always placed the greatest emphasis on upholding the highest ethical & moral standards in our professional life. The code of conduct developed by our firm is compatible with the best international practices & conforms to the criteria set by domestic professional bodies.

Quality of service

We offer the best possible solutions to complex legal & taxation issues and attach tremendous importance to quality of service offered by us. To guarantee an optimum level of service delivery, we have developed a strict, multilayered monitoring system.